A Leopard Shouldn’t Have To Change Her Spots

By Laurah Lukin

LaoTong Co-founder

This past Sunday, I ran a half marathon.

It was a great day. I raced with my friends. We all ran well.  I set a goal for myself and exceeded it. My husband and daughter cheered for me at the finish line.

This morning, I woke up to a notification that I was tagged in a race photo on Facebook. Interested to see how the day had been captured, I clicked it and was left speechless by several comments from a man I do not know.

“That’s because she doesn’t have any damn clothes on and she’s running for her life…No wonder joggers get raped.”

Instantly, my brain started rationalizing and justifying my race outfit.

             It was a race!

            They are competition briefs!

            They make me cool and faster!

            My legs move more freely!

            They’re funny!

Then I paused. I was immediately disappointed that my gut reaction to this man’s horrific comments was to defend my wardrobe choice. After all, there were photos from the race of shirtless men, men in short shorts, men in tight shorts; yet he did not feel motivated to comment on their potential for inviting sexual assault.

I was tempted to write an angry response to his comment to “put him in his place”. While such a retort would surely ease my ego, I knew it would probably not influence his opinions.

As a woman and as a mother, however, I feel strongly that this behavior cannot go unaddressed. I do not want these comments to simply be reported to Facebook (which they have been by the photographer) or deleted from the photo comments (which they were by the photographer).  While such actions are indeed appropriate, it does not address or help change the global and persistent cultural assumption that rape is preventable if a female would simply behave or dress a certain way.

It is not my responsibility to choose a race outfit or workout apparel to deter the temptation of men. The length of my shorts is not an indication of interest, invitation or consent.

Rape and sexual assault are crimes of violence and control that stem from a person’s determination to exercise power over another. It is an appalling crime with devastating effect on victims, and those close to them. NOBODY asks to be raped.

Yet this man’s perception persists: If women behaved or dressed differently, we would not be victimized.

How and why do these ideas still exist?

The anthropologist in me realizes that blaming the victim makes us feel safe. It is comforting to pretend sexual assault is something that only happens to people who make bad choices… like racing a half marathon wearing leopard-print competition briefs in Ohio in August. It is easier to harbor a subconscious belief that if women just did all the right things, including dressing a certain way, then we would never be raped.

This is not true.

In fact, this myth has been debunked repeatedly by the Justice Department and other reputable sources and organizations. But these facts, these statistics, this basic logic clearly have not reached the man who commented on my race photo.

For him, redirecting blame to women is easier than confronting the societal problem of rape, which is far bigger than just a pervasive cultural myth.

For him, comments such as, “That’s because she doesn’t have any damn clothes on and she’s running for her life…No wonder joggers get raped”, makes avoidance of rape the responsibility of women, and not his own.

But the truth is, such statements do not decrease the incidence of rape or make women more “safe”. These statements only provide rapists what they’re looking for: an excuse for violence. And while this man may believe his comments qualify as a lesson in how to behave, It only propagates an ignorant, dangerous agenda and further justifies this hateful and disturbing behavior.

  • Paul Long

    As a man, and as a runner who also ran the Little Miami Half, I am appalled at this guy’s comments — and moreover, with the fact that you have to deal with them. What should have been a photographic memento of a strong race turned into a gratuitous insult and a threat to your safety. I am so sorry you have to deal with it.

    • Laurah Lukin

      Thank you! And congrats on you race!

      • Kathleen Bolyard


  • Joseph Cloidt

    Rape is a women’s issue in that the vast majority of victims are women. It is much more a men’s issue because the vast majority of perpetrators are men. If the solution were up to women there would be no more rape. It is time for those of us who are men to hold each other accountable for the large and small ways, like this man’s comments, that we perpetuate a culture in which rape is all too common.

    • Laurah Lukin

      Thank you so much for your support!

      • Mel Bias

        dave needs to do some running he’s just a big mouth. no class. fat boy that has never grown up.

    • Beckie Weber Wilson

      thank you for understanding this issue and for speaking up and stating the truth.

    • Brian Lawhorn

      I can’t top Josephs comment. Men need to speak out more against the rape culture.

      P.S. Congratulations on exceeding your goal for the race!

  • Rhyan

    I like the way you responded, he is just a troll trolling for attention and he may be one of those kinds of men he refers to. I admire the fact that you beat him by ignoring his idiotic comments. Silence is powerful. I bet he wishes to be half as powerful as you and due to his lack of power, he attempts to destroy someone else’s.

    • Laurah Lukin

      Thank you. I appreciate you support!

  • Ashley Carnes

    Sorry you had to deal with this jerk.

    Also, can we talk about how AWESOME your shorts are and how powerful you look in this photo!? Wow!

    • Laurah Lukin

      Thanks! I appreciate it. Yeah I totally love the LaoTong BumBums. So much fun….and actually functional to race in!

  • Elizabeth Eastman-Wagers

    I think you are amazing!! I was hanging race posters when I saw you ladies warming up.
    I watched you finished the race in awe!
    Kudos to you for your response and taking the higher road!

  • Brad

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m a runner. Running is the least glamorous activity I can possibly conceive of – especially racing. Hell, by the end, I’m covered in a mix of sweat, salt, spit, snot, and sugar (from the Gatorade stations). On a hot day, I advocate wearing the minimum fabric you can without getting arrested. There is no excuse for this troglodyte’s nonsense.

    • Dianna Little Nadjkovic

      Thank you for acknowledging the snot. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I have to drive MYSELF to races because my husband doesn’t want to admit he knows who I am after I cross the finish line.

      • Mark Kosmowski

        It isn’t a run without the snot rockets. The trick is to aim them down, to the side (so they don’t hit you – anyone passing should have announced their presence) and a bit to the rear so as to provide a net vector of acceleration. May as well shave of those 3 nanoseconds. 🙂

  • Goldcoaster

    Wow, that’s beyond out of line!

    Likely some old guy that has never run for anything in his life. His opinion is not reflective of men in general I am sure of it. Bravo for running a half marathon and please don’t let this idiot deter you from being your very best (and fastest).

    May the wind be always at your back, especially on the uphill sections, and your feet stay dry!

  • Amber

    I feel serious anger reading Dave’s comments. Rude, unnecessary and meritless are probably the best words to describe them.

    Laurah you KILLED that half. You are an absolute beast. Keep living your life the way you are – you’re doing it right 🙂

  • Lindsey McRoberts

    My first thought : check out those legs!
    I have found that a good portion of the rude and unnecessary comments are from people that haven’t laced up a pair of running shoes in their life. Keep running! No need to quantify his thoughts with a response – because I feel that it wouldn’t make a difference. You do you! You are so strong and confident!

  • ?????

  • Stacy Adkins

    I am so sorry you had to deal with this.

  • jimk1967

    The thing that caught my eye in the photo was how strong you looked in the photo, then it was how defined your muscles were, then was the look of determination in your face. I’m sorry to hear that someone would be so ignorant to make a statement as this guy did. Keep wearing what makes you comfortable when you run, its about you and your fellow runners, not idiots like this one. Many men have much to learn. I like what Joseph Cloidt said, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Kate

    All you need to know about the waste of space that posted that comment:

    • Kate

      It’s since been taken down, but he actually wrote on his page an excuse for his comments by saying that he found a video on his 16 year old daughter’s phone of her being “raped” by her “18 year old black boyfriend”. I asked him what if someone blamed her for how she was dressed and he took everything down. Dave Alzayer is a racist, misogynistic waste of space.

      • HateCliques

        My question is how does this mudflake still has a job after this public commentary? Or is he happily retired and content to swim in his racist waters? And of course, a Trumpy.

        Hey Dave Alzayer, you are a racist, and you are a rapist, at least in your mind. Scum.

        • Blind Squirrel

          If you go by his profile, I’d say he’s a leech on the government teat.

  • Dave Alzayer

    ???? You delicate little snowflakes, so easily offended…..just don’t take down the Big Boy statue, or we’re going to have problems!

    • Goldcoaster

      Yay, the hero douche shows up! Is it hard going through life thinking everything you say is funny but realizing that nothing is?

  • amrs

    Thank you for sharing. Wow, you look like a woman who is running and focused on a goal. Thank you also for calling this out and being clear about what it says about this man and our culture. Because of women like you, hopefully, my daughter will have a safer future and be able to focus on her goals and not her clothes.

  • Cat Ogle Stadie

    First of all, great write up. Secondly, can I just say how strong you look in this shot? I hope you can look at this photo and feel as strong as you look, feel pride, and remember a great race with friends without thinking about one man’s horrible comments (even if it takes some time).

  • Jessica Kirkpatrick

    You are an amazing person. So sad someone has to stoop so low to make themselves feel better. Speaking up when you see something that is wrong and taking the time to educate on the subject matter is the right thing to do; and it also shows your depth of character. Little does he know that the bums bums stem from a running club for women that props up and encourages women outside of running; so when he strikes one woman, he strikes us all. There is no place for him here. You are not welcome here. Move on!

  • cheryl

    I love the photo and the fact that you are so far ahead of all the other guys. Take what he said as pure jealousy…he’s probably one of those guys you beat by a good margin. I’ve been running sine 1970- have had things thrown at me, have had guys exposed themselves to me several times, slow down in their vehicles and just watch and attacked once. It’s so sad that this mentality still exists. So sorry you had to experience this.

  • Kate

    Hmm. Maybe if someone “feminized” Dave, he’d be able to run a half marathon too! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/892c23f2375e2496f6352f43079a27fb7b70dec7bf8a8dc8fc98ca068c66d88a.png

    • Law

      Hahahaha, what a dipshit!

  • Rachel Berning

    my thoughts upon seeing your pic:
    1. look at all of those peeps chasing you! you must be super fast!
    2. I wish I had your outfit…LOVE it!
    3. also wish I could have run the race, it was in my old hometown <3

    congrats on running an awesome race! and your article was stellar 🙂 if I was still in Cincy, I'd definitely be on the lookout for LaoTong events 🙂

    • Laurah Lukin

      Thanks so much for your support! You should 100% come run this race. its awesome….oh and PS all the gear I was wearing is available on the LaoTong store 🙂

  • Gaia

    Thank you for posting this! I’m so sorry you had that experience. It’s so infuriating. Congratulations on your awesome half, though!

    I have had a conversation sort of like this with myself a lot lately. I’m also a runner, and finally caved to comfort and practicality this summer and started running in sports bras (something it took me a while to work up to, largely for reasons of self-confidence and body image… whole other topic, there!) I’m much cooler, and it feels good. But when I go out before dawn, I feel less safe — as though somehow that fourteen inches of exposed torso is going to make the difference in whether or not a man decides to attack me. I repeat to myself that it isn’t about what I’m wearing. That I am not “asking for it.” But I am still more likely to decide to carry pepper spray if I’m wearing a sports bra than if I’m wearing a singlet. 🙁

    • Lesley Taylor

      “…as though somehow that fourteen inches of exposed torso is going to make the difference in whether or not a man decides to attack me.”
      That comment really resonated with me, and I’m not sure why. Something related to whole concept of how a man “decides” who to attack, and that (in their mind) some women are more deserving of being attacked (i.e., asking for it) than others. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking that there are men who hate women so much that they’re capable of doing that.

  • Sean Braisted

    A quick look at Dave’s public facebook profile tells me he’s more than a few chicken nuggets short of a happy meal. Well, even more than his “contribution” to your photo.

  • Brenda Toporcer Allen

    I am with you on all of your points, but I just want to point out one BIG mistake that Dave also made in his idiotic post… He mischaracterized you as a “jogger”. You, girlfriend. are a RUNNER! Congrats on a great race.

    • Laurah Lukin

      Ha ha…..I was equally pissed at that comment….but I figured I would save that soapbox for another day 🙂 Thank you for your support.

  • Stephanie Hobbs

    Heres the guy’s facebook page – let’s get him fired and run his name into the ground: https://www.facebook.com/dave.alzayer

  • You are amazing and an inspiration to women and runners everywhere!

  • Shelly Munro

    Hey Laurah! We have been reading your story over at Run Mummy Run Facebook group. We all think you rock! Would you come and join us so we can all tell you just how much?

  • Bobbi Cussins

    I ran across your blog and just have to say, “bravo!” Not only do you look strong and fierce in the race photo, but you said it exactly right – the man’s ignorant and dangerous comments only serve to perpetuate the “she deserved to be raped because of what she was wearing” line of backward logic. Thank you for making this a teaching moment for him and others like him.

  • Sophie Allen

    The comments left by those two men is a sad example of the flippant, and downright arrogant attitude that a small minority have towards rape. Every man in my life would agree with the runner’s statement that comments such as this simply provide a rapist with an excuse to do what they do. Basically, “Well she was dressed in a short skirt, so she was asking for it, she deserved it.” The fact is, no one deserves to be raped, and all women (and men) have the right to walk or run down the street without having to worry about how being sexually harassed because of what they are wearing. Athletes wear skimpy outfits because their job often requires it – you wouldn’t expect a runner to go out in a tracksuit that covers them up from head to toe! The issue is the misconception that a man rapes a woman because of how she is dressed, when actually the man does what he does because he lacks respect for women, regardless of what they are dressed in. Therefore it would not matter if the woman was wearing a bikini or jeans and a hoodie. My friends and I have been approached before now by some guys, just for being female and on our own. It was nothing to do with how we were dressed – we were all in jeans!! If a man decides to commit rape, it’s because they want to take advantage for their won ends and gratification; it’s got nothing to do with how a woman looks or how she is dressed.

  • Bill Downing

    I am sorry you had to see the comments by that troll be yourself and don’t give in to the hate. I have experienced stupid comments, in the late 80s I ran in Tri Fit shorts they were cut very high, one pair was fluorescent pink. The comments I got from youngish males would today be called homophobic. I used to run shirtless, while on a run on a military base I was cussed out and told I was disgusting for not having a shirt on, this by an out of shape mom.

  • Tabitha Lambert Stone

    Congratulations on the race and you look great! As a runner and reading this it’s very hurtful! As I see it and look at his profile, he may be jealous that he doesn’t/can’t even run. When people are jealous of others in any way, they will go to whatever lengths to say hurtful things to others. And great response!! Best wishes! Don’t allow a jerk like that steal your joy!!!

    Everyday we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed, or offended. But what you’re doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you. ~ Joel Osteen

  • Sarah Moore

    The irony is, the less I wear on a run, the less harassment I encounter. I think this is because men see me behaving in a very confident way, I look like a “real runner” and not like a target. If I cover up more I look less confident and I’m an easier target for their comments which are intended to hurt me and make them feel more powerful. If I look like I don’t care, they don’t even try.

    This is in regards to men I pass on my training runs. Any coward can comment on the internet.

    You look amazing in that photo, you should frame it!

  • David Hurford

    Congratulations on a great run. Only a fool would make such comments regarding your attire. As a fellow professor and runner, I am proud of your running, that you are a runner and that you care enough about you and your family to be a runner! Keep running and run in anything that you care to wear.

  • It’s disturbing enough that this man said these terrible things on Facebook, but now the fact that he’s followed you over here and seems to be trolling everybody who comments is VERY creepy. Is this somebody you know in person? I’m a little concerned for you, and I don’t even know you

    • Laurah Lukin

      No. I never met this man in my life!

    • Eric Talbot

      This man would impose Sharia Law and insist that you run dressed head to toe in a Burkah so no skin shows. Only THEN in his view would you be safe from rapists. IDIOTIC.

      • Law

        I’m sure lots of straight men want women to wear MORE obscuring clothing, don’t they?

        No, Dave Alzayer is a fucked up human who was raised poorly by equally fucked up people, with fucked up views of human bodies, women, and sex. He probably has more hangups than the accessories closet at Vogue. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that he has raped or sexually assaulted someone or maybe multiple someones and is seeking justification for it.

  • SystematyK

    I am a male, and all my runs are in trishorts. Clearly not as short as yours but they are skin tight as I don’t like the drag feeling of loose shorts. I see women run in stuff like this frequently and I really don’t think of it any differently than I would a women’s bikini swimsuit. To be quite honest I really don’t get the shame of our bodies in general, and there are too many double standards between men/women’s clothing. As long as a man has on at least a banana hammock they are just fine, but a woman has to cover her nipples lol? And to top it off they are berated and told how dirty they are for showing more. I don’t get it at all, makes no sense to me. Anyway, off my rant. Good job on your half, time to step up to a full? Just did my first full three months ago. Keep wearing what you want to wear, haters gonna hate.

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  • Kevin Voss

    I was at the race (10K) with my adult daughter and you looked perfectly appropriate, certainly not offensive or provocative. Sorry you were subjected to boorish commentary. Hope you will continue running & racing (and wearing whatever you want).

  • Lee Duric

    I just see a strong runner in control of her race.

    WTF is wrong with people, embarrassed to to be a human being sometimes…

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  • Hanneli Kozik

    I received your piece as part of a “Runner’s World” email blast. Thank you so much for writing. You addressed a very serious issue, and a frustrating double standard, with grace and courage. I’ve faced some of the same issues as a solitary female runner, and even now, am very conscious of what I wear to run, who is around me, and whether I “smile too much” and invite unwanted attention. Give me a break! I shouldn’t have to think like that! Thank you for your bravery!

  • Mark Kosmowski

    My comment whilst sharing this on Facebook: “Some people are simply profane blights upon the face of the earth, and
    an utter waste of precious resources such as water and air.” Anything else I say would likely permanently damage the Internet with concentrated vitriol.

  • Ron Sasso

    Thank you for bringing this to light and not backing off on the comments. Off the cuff comments can show how bad some stereotypes are—particularly sexual assault. I was fortunate enough to have met Trisha Meili (aka, The Central Park Jogger). The idea that she was “asking for it” by being in Central Park after dark is just plain wrong. She is a very intelligent woman who enjoyed running as a release (like many of us do—regardless of our gender). The person who commits the crime is the criminal. If it happened in broad daylight would that make it right? No. There is no invitation for sexual assault. Rape is an act of violence—it is not an act of lust.

    Now to your attire. Perhaps a parka or something heavier would be better—at lest it would give the men behind you a chance to catch up. 😉 But seriously, I think the only person with the problem is the guy who made the comment. Thank you for sharing!


    People should be free to wear what they want. Period.Unfortunately people being people, if you go through a rough neighborhood it is possibly wise not to wear jewellery or too sexy clothes (running clothes are something different for God’s sake!), just a matter of common sense and an unwelcome restriction on our freedom, but THIS IS A PERSONAL CHOICE. Also if you’re going to a business meeting there are dress codes. Etc., etc… BUT WHEN RUNNING A HALF MARATHON? In August? When you need to fight the heat while running? I see nothing inappropriate here, both in terms of personal freedom, practicality (you do need these light clothes and you can surely choose them according to your personal taste) or common sense/caution (or are you going to get raped in front of thousands of fellow runners?). Also and main point: A RAPE VICTIM IS NEVER GUILTY EVEN IF HE/SHE IS IN THE NUDE,THE RAPIST IS THE GUILTY PARTY! Doesn’t the rapist have a will of his own? Does he not know the law? Has he never heard of civility, respect (for instance towards women) and personal freedom? A rapist has NO EXCUSE and my simpathy always goes 100% to the victim, whatever she/he might be wearing anywhere when she/he was hit by that appalling crime.
    You should be free to run wearing what you like best and forget about what others think or say, keep it up, running should be a moment of personal freedom!

    • Kim D

      Youre contradicting yourself . Fyi-
      Women can not dress in a way to deter rapist . Women have been raped while cover ic clothing from head to toe , also women who are elderly have been raped or babie!! Its simply not about looking “sexy and attracting a man into rape.. a woman is in danger when there is a rapist around , period.

  • jan miller

    The fact that people speak like this openly and not realizing that it is wrong speaks volumes for our society and the upbringing of previous generations. The awareness that women like you bring out is amazingly helpful and wonderful for boys growing up now. I am a runner and I have been my whole life. I have had a couple of very scary situations on trails and I actually ” over dress” now out of fear for bad attention no matter where i run. no tights, no “short” shorts, only t-shirts etc. it is ridiculous. but thank you for speaking up. it is crucial to future female runners and young men growing up now that we help change this insane mind set and culture of thinking and beliefs. I have two young boys as well and for them i appreciate women speaking up. They need to hear this and understand it.

  • Elizabeth McKay

    My VERY first thought when I saw your photo was “DANG….ponytail SWING!!!!!”

    But, in all seriousness thank you for your intelligent and thoughtful insights into this rape culture. I also am thinking about your comment of (sic) “blaming someone makes us feel safer”, as I am struck by this knee-jerk reaction by most all of us. I live near WDW, and when that little boy was killed by the alligator on property, most everyone (and I will admit, at first I was one also) felt the need to blame the parents/Disney/ANYone regarding this tragedy. Knowing the (likely) rationale behind this helps.

    Congrats on crushing your goal; to ME in that photo you look like a strong confident woman: a winner.

  • Martha

    From this Ohio native, congratulations on an awesome race and looking strong with a gorgeous stride! The silver lining on this mess is your intelligent rebuttal that brings awareness to rape and our culture. To claim someone should expect to be raped by the way one dresses does not explain why children and the elderly also get raped. You said it succinctly, it is about power and control. Thanks to Runner’s World for picking this up so hopefully more people will see your blog. Hope you continue to be a positive role model for your children and the community. Run swift and long strong woman!!

  • Lisa M Sutton

    Nothing wrong with your outfit! Something wrong with the way “some” men think. Get over yourself dude!

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  • Robert Albert John Noye

    You look great enjoy your sport Stuff all the wankers

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  • Blast Tyrant

    This just made the news down here in New Zealand: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=11913688 Anyways, any runner knows that mostly it’s just about what is going to be most functional on the day especially in hot conditions like you probably had to deal with! Wear what you like and ignore neanderthals like him. And don’t let it all detract from what is a great picture, captures the strength and determination!

  • Tweety58

    Rape ? With that face ?

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  • Donald Wesley

    Kentucky. So many, (family) trees that don’t branch. Not really too surprising from the family photo of his sister-bride and the manly man.
    Thanks for sharing and for the RW article on Ky asshats.

  • Sujata D

    Thank you Joseph Cloidt – for restoring my faith that Human Men do actually exist !

    Laurah – Congratulations on exceeding your goal !!

    As for the dude trying to insult you – he is too ignorant to realise that his rejected insult (like a gift rejected) stays with him !
    He may think he is insulting others but in reality he is insulting himself ! He is so low in self-esteem that he feels happy only by insulting others and causing injury !
    He doesn’t even deserve a thought, not even pity.

  • pricklypilgrim

    The man’s a Neanderthal idiot. Also a potential rapist, given that his mind went *there* over that picture!

  • Christopher Madden

    I guarantee this man has a history of either A) raping women or forcing them to consent or B) Not getting laid much, ever, and is angry about it. Either way, once again, I apologize for my stupid fucking asshole sex. Not everyone is this way.

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  • Michael Cabral

    Should probably have a lawyer contact him. He is definitely using your likeness in a defamatory way…


  • tu-sunt stultus

    You are wearing underwear to what would be considered short shorts in a marathon. Tell me, as someone who has run marathons, how many other people were likewise wearing their underwear on the race? So what exactly did you expect? I am not saying the response is suitable.

    But so many women nowadays think exposing themselves equals self-respect. Don’t know why when through the 30s to early 90s women covered up more and they were oftentimes actually rather respected. But for the modern generation & modern mentally – less clothes = respect – isn’t it hilarious how being so exposed makes them look more suitable as a street walker/prostitute than any sort of a professional?

    • Law

      Rape is illegal, fuckstick. Figure it out.

      • tu-sunt stultus

        As are many things, fuckstick. Tail gating, running red lights, hit & runs, etc. but that doesn’t stop people from doing it. I hope “law” isn’t your attempted and likely failed career choice given that rather pathetic response.

  • David

    Recently I saw a Muslim woman all covered up except for her eyes.Her husband was wearing a short sleeve shirt and shorts.
    I’m against religions telling women how to dress,that they must show respect to their god and their mate.

  • Anne Scamardo

    Laurah, as a rape survivor and mother to four now young adult daughters who have to live in a world with attitudes like this, thank you for speaking up and joining your voice to ours, and many others like ours. Thank you for refusing to be one of those women who says, by her silence, “That’s just how the world is, and you have to learn to deal with it.” God help the people who say these and other such things to women like us, and if I’m bad about taking off strips of hide of such perpetrators of vile ideology? Just step back and watch when they say it to my girls. You want to talk about the person, male or female, being left if not educated, then completely shamed and left with their tail between their legs when the girls are done with them. They just don’t tolerate it… and rightfully so. Unfortunately, this is an issue that is going to take women standing up for ourselves and other women to stop… and it has to stop with us. With us saying no, what we wear is NOT responsible for MALE morality or MALE actions. How men look at us for what we wear says NOTHING about us, and EVERYTHING about them. With us insisting that people, male and female are responsible for their own actions, clothing or no. Period. …and don’t get me started on yoga pants.😂😜

  • Ze Tristan

    It’s a sad fact of life that most men get sexually turned on visually, to the largest degree. Just as it’s a sad fact that most women love one thing only: their own feelings, and by extension anyone or anything else as long as (s)he/it stimulates those feelings. I often feel like I’m living on the Island of Dr Moreau. Where the pursuing Leopard-Man couldn’t immed change his (inner) spots… (And see how many comments will be predictable rehash, without any heart to connect with the messed-up person’s inner experience and view.)

    But not all men or women are the same. And some people are not man or woman! I’m against any restriction of a person’s freedom to wear what she wants, as that’s a really petty-minded, slippery slope of judgment and imposition. Obviously, what Laurah’s wearing is normal in running these days. What’s shameful is the way pro beach volleyball (which I love!) insists that the women wear small bikini-outfits to attract more viewers. Well, we each make our choices that (inadvertently) turn on others sexually… since I don’t ever want to hurt a woman’s feelings, so I try not to titillate her “my-feelings”-addiction if she is majority-typical.

    As for rape, it’s about power AND sex. If I want a ride in a fancy car, I don’t go steal it, and how infinitely worse it is, if a man wants sex, to use violence on someone to get it! But let’s also remember, we have a wide-ranging spectrum of animals around us. I remember a paedophile begging that people keep him away from children because he didn’t want to hurt them, but if he got too close his fantasies would seize control of him. Another eg: a 6-yr-old girl aggressively wanted sex with other children around her due to her painfully tragic background. 150 years ago, people with minds only slightly more primitive than ours didn’t want women to vote! A tiny step further back in human evolution and rape was part of the spoils of war… Some of the worst characteristics were favored in men, who were then included among society’s warriors and heroes.

    So tough challenge to embrace is: how do you help gradually turn on empathy in a “human-animal” when currently (s)he only sees you as an object for his/her desires/feelings? If you’re righteously small-spirited, (s)he’ll only want to offend more. It has to be done in a kind and relaxed way…

    …or we’ll mostly argue around the reality. NO and NEVER to rape, and we must make sure to stand up immediately for anyone in our circles who is facing any kind of violence! Doesn’t matter what identity we’ve invented for ourselves or anyone, it’s about caring for someone’s inner experience and longterm wellbeing…

  • Mark A. Morris

    David may not be able to understand religion and politics are seperate in these United States. In Europe rape has increased with the type of reasoning like David’s. What kind of cap is David wearing in the below photo?

  • troubledinPaxon

    You really have to wonder if this man is setting up a defense for rape, for himself.

  • Frank_Truth

    A wealthy white man wearing a Tuxedo and a Rolex watch walks into a bar in a seedy black ghetto at 3:00AM on a Saturday night. He has bundles of cash sticking out of all his pickets. He gets drunk and curses all the black in the bar and tells them what pieces of SHlT they really are. Then he continue to drinks until he passes-out drunk, and one person from the bar steals his Rolex watch when on one is looking but leaves him with his wads of cash. When he calls the police and tell them what happened, they say he shouldn’t have been in that bar 3:00 AM in morning, gotten drunk and passed out.
    He says, they are just blaming the victim, that it is never okay to rob someone of their prized Rolex watch. He blames the theft on moral decay of our society and says a culture of theft exists in black ghettos that made the person who stole his watch think he was entitled to steal it.
    He says, he should be able to leave a $100,000 in the middle of the street in any ghetto and come back a week a latter and still find it where he left it. Or he would expect someone to have handed it over to their local police force as the statute of their state requires. Instead of a black ghetto, you can replace the location with any poor, high crime area in the US where alcoholism is common and the use of illegal drugs is rampant.
    The female body is mother of all drugs. The female body is heroin. Unlike the male body, it is 1,000 times addictive than any opioid including Fentanyl. Every opioid hijacks the brain chemistry that evolved to drive males to have sex with females.
    Personally, I believe attractive females like this runner should have the right to run her races totally nude. If it were up to me, I would make it a legal requirement. I think attractive females should be naked all the time.
    There is a difference between the naked female body and the naked male body. The naked female body is a drug that has monetary value. The naked male body has negative monetary value. Most people would pay not to see a naked male body. Females should understand the power their bodies have over males. They should be taught how to derive pleasure from being exhibitionists. Females can derive immense pleasure from vicariously and empathicly feeling the pleasure and sexual arousal they cause in males.
    Like it or not, the female body is erotic art. I support its exposure. I believe males need to control their sexual urges. I am sure no male is going to rape a runner in a public race. But female runners should know that males are attracted to their body. They shouldn’t run alone. It is like they are carrying with them $10,000 worth of heroin at all times and letting junkie know they have this heroin in their possession.

  • Frank_Truth

    Leopards are adored for the beauty and their speed. They get hunted, taken as prized trophies, stuffed, and mounted. They are going extinct. I support the right of female runners to wear whatever they like. Personally, the less they wear, the better. I think it is beautiful and erotic to see beautiful females run. I don’t think there is any chance they are going to be raped by anyone, if they are running in a public marathon. I am not so sure it would be wise for a single female to jog nude in Central Park in the middle of the night. Rape is always a crime. But people have the ability to tempt fate. There are all kinds of people in the world.

  • Axekick

    Laurah Lukin, congratulation on exceeding your goal in this half marathon!

    I am deeply sorry for the disturbing comments you received. I agree wholeheartedly with your expressed opinions on everything above.
    Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything you could do or say shy of extensive mental therapy that would change the opinions of those
    expressing them. I would only advise you to live your life in a manner that is rewarding and brings you happiness. Remain aware that
    such troubled individuals frequently post comments of this nature online. If they’re miserable in their personal life they are hellbent on
    trying to make others share in that misery.

    Congratulations and much respect!

  • words

    I came here to comment because I have to say that it’s completely ridiculous that you think just because you have a right to dress however you please, that’s it’s okay to do so. You also have a right to leave your purse in plain sight on the front seat of your car, but some criminal idiot will come along see it, and his tendency to do what he does will take over, and he’ll steal it. You have a right to leave the doors to your house unlocked, but some criminal idiot will come along, figure out your doors are unlocked, and his tendency to do what he does will take over, and he’ll take all your stuff. It’s the same concept! When will women get it (says me, a woman)? If you’re dressed with your butt cheeks (or your boobs) hanging out and some criminal element (rapist) crosses your path and sees you that way, there’s a good chance his tendency to do what he does will take over, and then you’re not safe. Why make yourself a target, no matter what your rights are? You can open up the conversation to all the men in the world, and the men can talk to the men about all of it, but you’re never going to fix the twisted mind of a rapist. You can’t reason with a psychopath. He’s not a man…he’s an animal, a predator. Don’t be his prey because your right to dress however you please takes precedence over your safety.

    • Law

      Stop apologizing for violent criminals, asshole.

  • Julia White

    So how would he get this one removed?

    I’m not comfortable with his address being public. Do other people live there? Why should they feel less safe?

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  • Julie Nilson Chyna

    Laurah, the rape commenter is now using your photo as his cover photo and profile photo. You may want to visit his page and report him to make FB take them down: https://www.facebook.com/dave.alzayer

    • Law

      Indeed, you can hit him with a copyright violation. You can’t use pics that aren’t yours without permission of the photographer. For the record this creep is a fucking stalker.

  • Jerry Chadwick

    As a 57-year-old male and a runner (a very, very slow runner, tbh 😀), I am apalled at this Neanderthal’s despicable comment. Not only do runners dress for performance and comfort reasons, but sometimes for health issues. My wife, the most modest person on the planet, I believe, tried to wear longer shorts when she first started running. They chaffed her so badly on her inside thighs that she bled. She finally put modesty aside (slightly) and got a real pair of Altra running shorts, and voila! Problem solved. This summer she ran her first marathon and qualified for Boston! I couldn’t be prouder of her, and her shorts length is an absolute non-issue.

  • Mel Bias

    dave and chubby are overweight and he has the nerve to come out with such a moronic post, how about you do a little running fat boy! that lady bust her behind getting in shape and this fat guy sitting in front of a computer talking smack.